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Junk in the Trunk Flea Market

About Us

Junk In the Trunk is a fun, family-friendly outdoor flea market event where you can sell, swap or buy a little bit of everything! There are no fees to shop or sell! 

In 2023, we will be combining this event with the Harrisonville Farmers and Artists Market on the second Saturday of the month, June through September. This will offer customers looking for great deals three streets of shopping!

Information for Customers

A wide variety of items turns up at each event. This often includes antiques, used goods, tools, children’s items, books, crafts and artwork. 

The Market is located on the historic Harrisonville Square. You’ll find Junk in the Trunk vendors on Pearl and Independence Streets and the Harrisonville Farmers & Artists Market on Lexington Street.

The Market is open on the second Saturday of the month starting in June and ending in September. The dates for 2023 are: June 10th, July 8th, August 12th and September 9th. 

For updates on specific dates, including potential closings for weather visit our Facebook page for the latest updates. 

Customer parking is available on Wall Street or in any of the public parking lots as shown on the map by a red car. 

Information for Vendors

To become a vendor you read and agree to follow the vendor rules,  Please review our 2023 Junk in the Trunk Vendor Rules here.

There is no cost to sell at this event. 

On the day of the event, please drive to the entrance at the corner of Lexington and Pearl Streets. A volunteer will be on hand to direct you to an available parking spot for the day. 


Junk In the Trunk vendors will set up on Independence and Pearl Streets on the Square.

Vendor vehicles will enter on Pearl Street. 

Please review the 2023 Junk in the Trunk Vendor Rules for full vendor instructions. 

Here are some tips for a successful set up and sales day. 

Set Up Tips:

  • If you arrive before the 7 am set up time you may park in an available space on Independence or Pearl Street. Do not park on Lexington Street or you will be asked to move. Also, be sure to follow the rules and do not place any items in the street before the barricades are in place. 
  • You will have up to an hour of set up time and up to an hour for packing up. Only bring items that you can manage in this time period. If you cannot unpack and repack items into your vehicle in that time period, you are probably bringing too much.
  • If you need more space than what you have directly behind your vehicle, you can drive in and drop off items for sale, then pull out of the event area and park in one of the public parking lots. This will allow you additional sales space from the curb to the back of the parking spot, where your vehicle would have been. 
  • Bring a table for items, but also use the space under your table to display heavier things. 

Sales Tips:

  • Have pricing for your items displayed. Grouping items into categories and setting a price per group is helpful. 
  • Set reasonable prices on your items. Expect that some customers will haggle and be open to negotiating. 
  • Bring some extra shopping bags for customers who purchase multiple items. 
  • Have cash on hand to make change. Plan for multiple customers to have $20 bills. There is not an ATM or bank on the Square. 
  • Most customers will have cash, but it also can help boost sales if you accept cards (Square/PayPal Zettle) or mobile payments (Venmo/PayPal Me).
  • If using a card reader or mobile payment method plan to use your wireless phone data. Several businesses have free guest WiFi, but it’s often very week on the streets. 
  • You can give items away for free during the event, but they still cannot be one of the items not allowed at the event. 

Weather Related Tips:

  • Rain and severe weather happen. Be able to quickly pack up your items in the event that the market closes unexpectedly. 
  • It’s often windy on the Square. Be sure that breakable items are secured.
  • Check the weather forecast before the event. If it will be hot, have a plan for shade and hydration. 

Other Tips:

  • Restrooms are available in Square businesses with morning hours. Porta-potties will not be available, so plan accordingly.
  • Be tidy. Please pick up after yourself and help us keep the Square clean and enjoyable for all. 
  • Don’t smoke in your spot. If you need to smoke, please go outside the event area. 
  • Have fun! Greet your neighbors, greet your customers and be friendly.  

For additional questions, please email You may also text 816-866-8762 or call and leave a message for Amanda. 

Save the Date: 10th Season Celebration!​

Join us as we celebrate 10 Seasons of the Harrisonville Farmers and Artists Market and Junk in the Trunk Flea Market! 

Sidewalk Chalk Competition Sign Up

Please complete the form below with your information. There is no fee to register for the competition, but completing this form will help us ensure enough spaces are set up. 

Things to Know:

  • We will have sidewalk chalk available for use, however we encourage artists to bring specific colors important for their designs
  • All participants will be assigned a similarly sized section of sidewalk, approximately 4 ft by 4 ft. 
  • Prizes will be awarded for both children and adults. 
  • Artwork should be completed by 11:00 a.m. to allow time for judging.